Appalling customer service from Curve. Cannot downgrade card to free tier

I am on the receiving end of truly appalling service from curve. I have tried to downgrade my card since beginning of August, before curve will charge me another £150 for a whole year. I do not need the extra benefit and just want a simple downgrade, but curve have not responded to me for over 3 weeks. This is not acceptable and want to post a formal complaint here. I want to let everyone know so they will be careful, before signing up to the higher paying tiers on curve, as it is virtually impossible to downgrade.

I’d also try Twitter etc - that’s likely to be seen by a bigger audience. Many companies have ignored me in the past until shamed on there. I have no interest in using it really but keep it in order to contact customer service depts when needed.

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Many thanks. I’ve already tweeted there but still no response from curve. will be great if you can amplify because this really is appalling, especially given the rise in cost of living

I have done my best - don’t have many followers though. If no joy I’d try the complaints email from the Terms of Service.

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Tweet to @askcurve via dm

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Thanks so much! I’ll update any progress i have here. Hopefully it may be of help to others.

I’ve send a compliant email, but was replied with the normal corporate jargon of ‘we’ll investigate this as soon as possible’, and 1 week later card is still not downgraded, and 2 more days to go until i will be charged £150 by curve. Totally appalling.

I would hope that if they did go ahead and bill your annual feel you would have sufficient ammo for a chargeback against Curve on your underlying card.

Shouldn’t have to come to that though.

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