- high risk, payment declined

I have connected Curve card to PayPal and PayPal to the Apple App Store. Everything worked just fine for years until recently when all my transactions to started being declined.

I have contacted in-app support, and I just got an answer that Apple is a high-risk merchant (what? :joy:), and that’s the reason why the transaction is being declined. Without the possibility to ask any questions, support just closed the chat. I have opened another chat as I want to know more info regarding this issue, but no one is answering for two days now.

Am I the only one with this issue that transactions on Apple AppStore are rejected? Can Curve solve this?

yeah Apple is really shady business :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not skip PayPal and add your card to Apple directly? PayPal should be uninstalled from the internet :slight_smile:

I’m getting an error while trying to connect the card directly. At the moment, PayPal is the only option in my country, unfortunately :frowning:

Did you get anywhere with this?

Still nothing. After a few in-app chat messages without anything concrete and a few emails with literary, this copy/paste every single time:

At the moment, transactions to PPAPPLE.COM* aren’t allowed with Curve. This means that at this time you won’t be able to use your Curve card with this merchant.

The reason is that we consider making such transactions with a Curve card to be high risk. This is a security measure that’s been put in place after a careful review.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience – I’d suggest using your underlying bank card to pay for these purchases.

I finally got in touch with someone who explained that the problem is that I’m using PayPal with an Apple account with a connected Curve card and an underlying Bank card. Basically, what is Curve used for. So I would say that, at the moment, the issue is with PayPal + Curve combination.

My last mail is now forwarded to someone who will check this in detail, so I’m waiting for their response on what happened suddenly and the next steps.

I believe I’m not the only one using PayPal with an Apple Account and Curve with PayPal. So we will see…

The problem I’m having is with a couple of audio plugin distributors I’ve previously bought from with Paypal and Curve in USD with no issues, but they’ve suddenly started being declined for no clear reason and I just got the same not particularly helpful response - seeing that you’re having the same issue with Apple leads me to believe it’s probably nothing to do with the specific retailer.

For what it’s worth, I’ve made one Apple-Paypal-Curve transaction and that went through fine, though that was in my underlying card’s native currency (GBP) and I’ve also one Paypal/Curve transaction elsewhere in USD that went through fine. So what combination of things is regarded as ‘high risk’ is quite the mystery.

I would say that the issue is triggered when a combination Service-PayPal-Curve-Bank is used for recurring payments. For some reason, the system is flagging that as high risk as too many services are in a loop…which is kind of bad as Curve-Bank is the default connection and PayPal-Service is the normal payment service used in general.

I would not complicate any of my payment (for services) with PayPal. It’s just an unnecessary element in the payment chain that offers no benefit.

As I said in a previous post :arrow_down:

I cannot add a card directly as App Store throws me an error “Payment Card Declined”. It only works with PayPal connected to the Apple Account.
And I would not say a thing if this is a general problem and not something that worked for 2-3 years and now suddenly stopped working.

Have you tried to contact Apple or Curve about this error?

Please note that the (BIN) country of your card and the country set for the Apple ID must match to get it work.