- no cashback

I have Apple as a Curve Cash rewards partner.

I’ve just spent over £3,000 with in the UK and have not received any cash back.

Contacted support twice. No reply.

Why haven’t I received my cash back?

Mine did the same, chase them by email and they will action it. They did mine today and it went straight in.

Thank you.

3 days and no reply

Contacting customer support via Twitter usually generates a much quicker response.

I’ll give it a go


Apologies if you’ve not had a response from customer support yet - There’s a chance the purchase came through as a merchant ID so the system might not have recognised it. They’ll reply to you ASAP, but you’ll get the points as long as the purchase is validated and you’re in your rewards period! :money_with_wings:

After my Twitter post they came back to me and said they are investigating.

All sorted now. Thanks for your help guys.