Apple Credit Card Vs Curve

Well we have some competition now with Apple whilst their metallic (titanium) mastercard is rolled out the initial details look promising

Apple Card provides cashback for usage (2% for regular purchases and 3% on Apple purchases) and also introduces new ways to manage spending. For example, it could track where you shop with a heat map to show you, via Apple Maps, that you’re dropping too much into the coffers of Costa Coffee.

It also makes budgeting a lot easier. As Apple puts it: ‘purchases are automatically totalled and organized by color-coded categories such as food and drinks, shopping and entertainment.’

it would be great to see how curve steps up to this … still waiting on all the features roll out from the email sent in 2018 (Lounge Key , spreading of purchases to pay back )

it would be nice if the cashback was not limited to 3 months so makes rewards nicer to all the curve customers and better graphics on the spend and budgeting would be helpful.

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