Apple Pay Downtime

Looks like there’s some Apple Pay issues?

I keep getting a message saying my cards been suspended in Apple Pay and then it works, then it suspends again…?

It works well for me, there are no problems with Apple Pay on the Apple website.

There shouldn’t be any issues right now! If you’re having them, could you drop us an email at so we can take a look for you?

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Curve dont support apple pay outside UK

Only Google Pay, don’t support outsied Uk

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Now it has started working :man_shrugging:

Then i have no idea

I get exactly the same message on my Revolut Apple Pay whenever Revolut suspends my account. I’ve been a victim of Revolut’s widespread automated account suspensions for a while now, so I see this message a lot.

Where is this stated? You mean that I can’t use Apple Pay with Curve at non-UK merchants?

I think they were just confusing it with Google Pay which is currently UK only.

I think it was a small delay from Apple Pay, everything works now :man_shrugging:

Mines being weird still haha

Seems to be active in my watch but not iPhone

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It’s simply not true. Here is the full official list for Europe:

Hey @Dann if your Apple Pay is still playing up, please contact the support team so they can review this further!