Apple Pay on Apple Watch Problem

Hi guys,

I was able to add my curve card to Apple Pay on my iPhone just fine but I can’t seem to add it to the Apple Watch.

I go through the add process but when i need to verify the card with the app, but the process just fails and doesn’t show me any confirmation message, and obviously the card did not connect to my apple watch, i 've tried multiple times, but with no results.

I’ve also tried to uninstall the app and add first the card to my apple watch, in this case i can’t add the card to my Iphone.

Do you guys have any suggestions??

Please Help

Kind regards,


Hi mark, what error are you getting? Could you send a screenshot perhaps?

I have no error, when i tap on verify card with “the app” the process automatically opens the app but i only see the homescreen of the app.

Do you confirm me that the card can coexist on Iphone and Apple Watch both?

Okay, could you try remove Apple Pay from all devices for me, and try adding the card to Apple Pay from the button below in the card tab of the curve app?


Thank you so much Dann

I solved by removing the card from apple wallet and uninstalling the app, after that i’ve reinstalled the app connecting the card on my apple watch first, than the “add to apple wallet” banner appeared on the card section and abilited me to add the card even on my Iphone.

Thank you so much for the prompt reply

Best Regards