Apple Pay playing up again

I keep getting a message saying my cards been suspended in Apple Pay and then it works, then it suspends again…?

All other cards no problems whatsoever. Just Curve.

Not much confidence in using it at the moment.

Lock your curve card for a few minutes, and then unlock it. It should help :slight_smile:

Thanks @Dann .

That’s exactly what I have been doing, but I don’t want to have to keep doing this on a daily basis.

Also, sometimes I have 4G disabled out and about, and for all I know, my Curve card could be disabled again. Do I want to risk the embarrassment of the card not working? Much easier to be stay on the safe side and use an alternative card ie any other card I have.

This has been an issue for at least the last 3 months. I just wish Curve would acknowledge it and do something about it. (:frowning:

I’ve had it a couple of times but nothing recently, if you’re still struggling I’d give them a ring on the back of your card!

Curve card suspended on all apple wallets and Apple Pay. When forced a transaction through with Apple Pay for Apple Watch the entire card got suspended and can’t make any transactions at all. No response from curve non existent support as usual. No answer on phone line no reply to emails or chat. I think curve is either closing down or should close down it is totally useless (literally in my case ahah) but on a serious note… sorry excuse for a company.