Apple Pay problem

Hello. I have a problem with Apple Pay. I linked a virtual card (I’m still waiting for my iron card) and I ALWAYS get an error saying that my card is not available, then it starts working again. This happens regularly and often. I tried to do what the support recommended - block and unblock the card, tied it again several times. Nothing helped. This is very, very inconvenient.

had this many time aswell after that I bailed and not paying for it anymore

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Have you tried contacting Curve’s Customer Services as they will be best placed to help troubleshoot your issue.

You can reach them them via the Curve application or via the following

I don’t think you read the original post fully. He said he tried to do what the support recommended, so presumably he has already contacted support for support to tell him what to do.

In order to receive targeted help he’d need to contact the very same people.

Just for your information, this community is user powered, so we can’t troubleshoot issues such as the above.

I wonder if there is a team that can do that sort of thing? Hmmmmm?

Try to make a purchase immediately when the card is available.


Maybe when you receive your metal card then your problem will go away too when you register with metal card details instead of virtual card. Hopefully you will get your Metal card soon.