Apple Pay suspended


Anyone have their Curve card suspended in Apple Pay?

I’ve sent Curve support an email and waiting to hear back.

I noticed someone else had this issue too but we’re told to contact support, but I didn’t see an update.

Is this a known issue? Why has this happened?

Is your card locked via the app?

If not, try lock and unlock the card and see if that helps… worked for me a few weeks ago

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Thanks Dann,

Turns out it was something on Curv’s side. The support team has fixed the issue and the suspended error has disappeared. Going to respond to let them know and ask what caused it.


Another update: curve mentioned about locking the card, I think when testing out the functionality of the card/ app I selected and deselected the ‘lock’ feature.

This caused the issue, it’s odd that the suspension didn’t lift when I unlocked the card.

Anyway, all resolved, thanks all including Curve support.