Apple Pay transactions get cancelled

Hey guys,

I‘m a new customer. Got the curve card activated these days and meanwhile I could add the card to Apple Pay. So far so good. But I can‘t pay with Apple Pay. Each transaction is either cancelled or failed. Online or offline. Do you know why?
I have already removed and re-added my credit card and also With Apple Pay. Same result.

I have the same problem with Google Pay.

Did you contact the support? I’m still waiting.

I had the same issue which I managed to fix by removing the card from apple pay and then adding it manually again. Voilà it works.

What do you mean with manually? Via Apple Wallet App or Curve App?

  1. Go to Apple wallet and remove your curve card from the wallet.
  2. Add your curve card manually in the apple wallet app again.

Just tried it. Result: invalid card number.

Do you mean your curve card has an invalid number?

Look, when you try to add your curve card in the wallet again you get your Curve card suggested to re add.
Ignore this and add your card manually

I have to do a payment which can be done via Apple Pay, that’s why I can check quickly if it works.

So, no, what I did:

  1. Went to Wallet
  2. Removed Curve card (Apple
  3. Tap on + in Wallet
  4. Added Curve successfully
  5. want to do the payment with Apple Pay. After processing it says „invalid card number“ and transaction cancelled.

Okay, that is what I did. I really don’t know any further. Sorry

Are you a new user with a physical card? I wonder if maybe you need to use the physical card at least once first.
I can’t remember exactly myself, when when I got my new Invester card I tired to add it to ApplePay and it failed. So I jsut left it, and used the card in Sainsbusrys (CHIP+PIN) that evening. Added the card to ApplePay the next day OK and used it fine (also in my local Sainsbury’s…)

This is kinda in the same vein as having to do a chip+pin transaction before the Contactless is enabled… becuase in some-sense ApplePay is Contactless…