Apple Pay - When?

How far are we away from the biggest thing I’d like to see with Curve…APPLE PAY?


Hello there,
If you have a look at our Curve's Product Roadmap you can see that it is in the works :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help. Cheers.

I’m looking forward to finally going walletless :fire:


I hope that Apple Pay will be available in Poland and all other Apple Pay supported countries

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Hi Marie

I may be missing something but I can’t see reference to Apple Pay in the road map. Can you direct me please?

It’s there, no ETA on it. But they seem to working through the list as they’re currently testing Amex support:


Ah, thanks a lot, Dan.

Availability of Apple Pay is determined by the country of the card issuer. It can be used worldwide at any contactless payment terminal. Given that Curve issues cards in the United Kingdom and that Apple launched Apple Pay for UK card issuers on 14th July 2015, then you should be able to use it in Poland.

The only difference between usage in launched countries and non-launched countries is that in non-launched countries the national limit for physical contactless cards is likely be applied to Apple Pay transactions. These limits are often applied incorrectly even in launched countries; for example some UK merchants erroneously apply a £30 limit to Apple Pay transactions because they have not updated their card terminals’ software.

Curve told me in late July 2018 that they hoped to support Apple Pay and Google Pay by Q4 of 2018. Now it does not appear that this will happen.

Apple Pay works in Poland just fine already, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, despite the fact that Polish banks offer Apple Pay, some fintech institutions support Apple Pay only on selected markets (like N26, supporting it only in a few countries, Poland omitted). Let’s hope that that won’t be a case with Curve.

That is not true. If the customer is located in Country A and Curve is in the UK (Country B), Apple Pay won‘t work if Country A hasn‘t launched Apple Pay.
Bunq and N26 are good examples.

@cat24max, you are mistaken. Apple Pay can be used in countries where Apple Pay has not been launched. For example:

  • I used Apple Pay on a UK-issued card in Brazil in March 2018 before it was launched there.
  • I used Apple Pay on a US-issued card in the United Kingdom before it was launched there.

@cat24max is not talking about paying with Apple Pay, this works everywhere where contactless payments are accepted. Registering a card with Apple Pay is another story and only works if Apple Pay has launched in the country the card has been issued.

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Indeed. Curve issues its cards in the United Kingdom (according to its IINs/BINs). Given that Apple Pay was launched in the UK on 14th July 2015, when Curve finally launches Apple Pay, it should be possible to pay with it worldwide. However, the user might need to switch their iPhone’s region to a country in which Apple Pay is launched, otherwise they won’t see the option to add a card. This is what I had to do when I added my US Amex card to Apple Pay before Apple Pay was launched in the UK (to which my iPhone’s region is set).

Similar to Revolut, registering a card will only be supported in the countries where Apple allows and officially announced. I’m in non-Apple Pay country and unfortunately, this will be the output not good for me… Curve is UK but probably there is country sub-BINs or something else we do not know to allow the regionalization for registering a card (that’s why they probably start sending new cards not only for the new design?)

No, that‘s not how it works unfortunately.
For example, Apple Pay has launched in Germany, however N26 customers from Austria cannot use Apple Pay, because N26 is not allowed to issue it there.

N26 is a German bank which issues its cards in Germany, where Apple Pay is launched. Are you saying that, for residents of Austria, N26 issues cards in Austria with an Austrian IIN/BIN?

As a resident of a country where Apple Pay had not been launched, I successfully added my card to Apple Pay to my iPhone simply by changing my iPhone’s region settings. My card was issued on an account whose account address was in a country where Apple Pay had not been launched.

Yes, they do.
I posess a french branded card for example, with which I was able to use N26 Apple Pay before the launch in Germany.

Legally, banks have to do that (Apple seems to require it). Bunq did allow all users to add their card and quickly backed down after Apple removed them from their website.

Legally? What do you mean? Statutory or contractual?

An EEA-based bank can issue cards in any EEA country. Its customers can likewise be based in any EEA country. It is the country of issue (usually the location of the bank) that determines eligibility for Apple Pay.