Apple Pay - When?

Oh man… Now I find myself checking and updating the community CONSTANTLY looking for an Apple Pay announcement :man_facepalming:t2:
I can´t wait, really :joy:


Amen! Literally waiting for @Curve_Marie to announce it on here and make my Christmas!

For someone who doesn’t carry their bank card for every day spending, this couldn’t come quick enough!!


Literally praying to multiple deities in the hopes that one of them can delivery Apple Pay before March 2020.

There was a message in separate thread:

No idea whether it’s true or not, but probably Apple Pay will be with us only somewhere in the beginning of 2020.

A good reason for Curve

Apple requires banks to give it a cut of the interchange fees associated with Apple Pay, but it doesn’t allow banks to recoup these costs from their customers.

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Ignoring the propaganda above, this is just a daily note that we still want Apple Pay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Curve have previously said Apple Pay would launch in 2019. Fingers crossed that they keep to their word!

Curve also stated in November 2016 at that *Apple Pay is also coming later in 2016". Therefore I wouldn’t believe anything that Curve says about the timeline for implementing Apple Pay.

That’s website has being taken down

Hmm I’m still hopeful it will come in 2019 :sweat_smile:

Still hopeful but I can see the 2020 market looking quite busy, with features like Express Transit feature for TfL being implemented (and tied to Apple Pay) will make it even more compelling.

Who knows if Apple Card might even show up in the UK. I found that I’m using other metal card providers to supplement for now

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Hadn’t heard of this before but seems to be covered in this article - With Android at present the phone works for low value (<£30) contactless with just the screen on and doesn’t need to be unlocked, so presumably this is something similar?

Yes indeed - however it is only applicable/enabled to certain terminals that Apple works together with the transit provider. It works without biometric authentication

Yes, I am looking forward to this, as the Amex card that I want as the default Apple Pay card on my Apple Watch is different from the Amex card that I use for TfL Being able to touch my Apple Watch on the yellow card reader without double-pressing and automatically using the correct card, as opposed to my default card, will be ideal.

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When ApplePay and in all Europe as well???

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Where is Apple Pay?

Is Apple Pay here yet?

People want Apple Pay.

Bring Apple Pay now


Only Apple pay are supported on Apple device at the moment

Feel like this is a classic ‘clue is in the name’ moment…


Not really
Germany have ordered apple to open there NFC chip / apple pay
Thats mean Curve can works without apple pay on apple device

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