Apple Pay - When?

Indeed the contactless limit is £30 in the UK, although that’s really all it needs to be IMHO. Many retailers don’t have a limit on Apple Pay though, as (unlike Android Pay as far as I’m aware) it’s an Authenticated transaction.

The intention is that all retailers will have no limit on authenticated contactless transactions such as Apple Pay. The only reason that some UK retailers impose a £30 limit on authenticated contactless is because their card terminals are using old software which treats all contactless transactions, authenticated and unauthenticated, in the same way with the same £30 limit. Once these retailers update their software, they can accept authenticated contactless with no limit.

You’re right. Trouble is it’s the same situation with American Express Contactless. It just needs a software configuration update to enable the required security, but years later many retailers still haven’t bothered!

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Oh yes, don’t get me started on that! I’m fed up with the number of merchants who accept American Express and accept contactless (including Apple Pay), but their terminals refuse to accept Apple Pay with American Express cards. It often comes up with a stupid message to “insert card”. I then ask the merchant how I can insert my iPhone into their terminal.

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Sorry to bring it up!

Sadly it’s exactly the same issue with exactly the same resolution though :frowning: In my opinion it’s just lazy retailers not bothering to implement their EPOS systems properly. Understandable for some of the smaller chains, but even ASDA haven’t bothered to do it - even though they did manage to “update” the software on their self checkouts to a version that is so painfully slow and unusable that I pretty much avoid the company as much as I can…!

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Yes, ASDA is indeed the primary culprit. But talking of small merchants, even my barber managed to update their software (not specifically for Apple Pay), and I always pay with Apple Pay, and being central London, it’s more than £30.

I’m sure it’s not as difficult as some people make out - but I’m equally sure that some business owners just can’t be bothered. The age old “well most people are fine with the way it is” conundrum!

I believe the limits are still customisable - for example Waitrose advertise that the Apple Pay limit is £250.

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Amex’s Google Pay implementation seems to be dodgy too. It’s not unusual for a place to accept Amex, Contactless, and Google Pay, but for Google Pay with Amex not to work. The same card will work contactless though. The biggest culprit for this is McDonalds…

The same thing can occur with Apple Pay. I don’t know whether it’s the same underlying problem or not but the same impact! Amex Apple Pay didn’t work at McDonalds for a at least a year after it launched in the UK.

I don’t know whether Apple and Google use the same technology/standards or not, but the Google implementation always felt less secure and less reliable to me (I guess partly because it doesn’t require any sort of authentication)

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Yes I’ve found very variable implementation of contactless - I note Morrisons have some new self-scan tills though with a big ‘no contactless limit with Apple/Google Pay’ stickers on them though!

:open_mouth: yikes, twice what I pay in Edinburgh!

FWIW, almost three times what I pay 26 miles outside of Central London :joy:

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That’s what I was referring to. I don’t know any other country besides the UK that doesn’t let you introduce the PIN for higher amounts and use contactless for any amount above the one that doesn’t require authentication

We used to have it like that with Visa contactless when they were first introduced in 2008, but it quickly got changed. Mastercards have always had full funcionality.

Do you mean Contactless + PIN? What’s the advantage of that vs just putting the card in?

Yes, contactless+PIN. This may be a matter of preference but I just by default use contactless for everything and just insert the PIN in the terminal if prompted. Just seems unnecessarily cumbersome to always be mindful if the transaction is above or below a certain amount to know if I can use contactless or not.

It also has the objective advantage of never getting DCC prompts in other countries that use different currencies when using contactless

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Did Curve even apply for ApplePay? :astonished:

I am curious how this will work once they get ApplePay, i mean Curve is working little bit different then any other service…

What could be different about Curve’s implementation of Apple Pay compared to other card issuers?

I think before curve can get Apple Pay, they need to apply for a licence to be a bank, as I think this is one of the requirements to sign up to Apple Pay.

I know wirecard has a licence but I don’t know if this filters down to Curve too…

I also know, Curve would be under NDA with Apple so probably can’t discuss it much…

Well … the thing that with just one Curve card you can indirectly add some other cards that are maybe not supported with ApplePay. Dont know how Apple will look on that, and will this work “just like that”…

@Dann, where did you read this? It’s incorrect. There are plenty of Apple Pay card issuers that are not banks, most notably American Express. There are also card issuers that are not financial institutions, for example Apetiz in France.

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