Apple Pay worked, now doesn't

Three times this morning I’ve tried to use Apple Pay with my Curve Card. Twice in Sainsburys, ( I shop for neighbour) and once in Co-Op. It worked fine before I physically received the card, but now I’ve got the card won’t work, declined every time. Also I changed payment card for Co-Op and still declined. Not that great really, I’m paying for Curve Metal, for the convenience, so don’t really want it letting me down. Thankfully I had the physical card with me, but may not always have that, but do my phone. Not helpful in an Emergency then, unless I add another card to wallet, which it seems I’ll have to. I can understand declining once as a security check to get you to enter the pin, but THREE times. Anyone got any ideas please, will be much appreciated. Thanks. PS. Nor can I find any anti-embarrassment mode in the account tab?

Check this topic:

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Thanks Poeliev, I’ll give that a go. It was added before I got the actual card, goodness knows when I’ll next be shopping though. Much appreciated. ( next week I guess for Christmas)

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