Apple Pre-Authorization issue

I purchased the new macbook and was charged the full amount the 25/02. Or so I thought, it actually only was a pre-authorization and they only billed the price of the laptop MINUS the apple care. After that I switched to another card… The 03/03 I was charged again by apple the price of the apple care, but I already paid for that… on the other card. Curve did not use the other card’s pre authorization and used the currently selected card instead! (The other card still as the full amount “paid”, so it’s like I paid twice the apple care) I opened a ticket. But this shouldn’t be a thing, I’m very disappointed.

To make it more simple:
Let’s say the TOTAL price is X, the macbook price Y and apple care price Z
X = Y + Z

  • 25/02: Pre-authorized X and charged Y on card A
  • 25/02: Switched to card B
  • 03/03: Charged Z on card B
    It should have charged card A. As of writing, on card A it shows as if I was charged X. So for me right now I have been charged X + Z.

You may have to check your underlying card transactions. That pre-auth could have fallen off usually in 7 days. When it is time for charging they do it on the currently selected card.

It has not fallen off, I’ve checked before obviously.

It is not yet 7 business days from 25/02. It will fall off and your reserved money will be released

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