Apple removed Curve from Apple Pay completely?

So it seems apple is playing financial regulator and removed both boon. and Curve from their supported cards list, because of the Wirecard troubles, despite Curve moving their cards in-house already, can someone from Curve comment on this?

The only source I have for this is this German news message:
and the fact I still can’t add my curve card back into Apple Pay on a second device…

I can confirm that Apple removed Curve as an option from Apple Wallet and I posted about that in the wirecard:discussion thread. If you add the card manually, it is still supported but it doesnt show as an option to choose from

It’s still there in my Apple Wallet?

Where is this list you’re talking about…I’ve never seen one!

I am also not able to add my Metal Investor Card to Apple Pay.


yes on my iPhone it’s also still there, but i can’t add it to my Watch, iPad or Mac anymore, and to answer about the list it’s the one on apple’s site which lists all apple pay partners & banks here: which was updated yesterday to remove curve and boon. from all regions.

here is the version from the web archiver, you can clearly see both boon. by wirecard and curve still listed under most European countries:

My Curve card remained well and working in my wallet. And there was no problem to use it to top up a bank account with Applepay this morning.

the problem is i can’t add it again on a device where it was removed.

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This is probably just Apple doing a knee-jerk reaction to the Wirecard updates. I’m sure it’ll get corrected soon. Curve still support Apple Pay, it probably just needs someone at Apple to turn a switch back on.


let’s hope so.

Same issue, it’s on my phone but won’t add to my watch?

Yeah they’re still working on it:


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You’ll still have Apple Pay, they haven’t gone anywhere :smile: We’re working on setting it back up from a technical point of view


where did you get this overview?

It’s available in the blog and the community.

My post in another thread has both links :slight_smile: : Wirecard: Discussion

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thank you. now another issue, there were outages and disruptions at revolut, unrelated i believe, but it is preventing me from setting up a different card at for billing, even though the payment with curve went through on the freshly connected revolut visa card, hulu still shows an error and hasn’t updated the card info…

although they did send me an email that the billing info was supposedly updated, after the second attempt entering the curve card details, I also now see 2 usd charges from hulu.

Our Customer Experience team have the expertise and system access to help you out with your transactions, app, and Curve card. Please send them an email at :blush:


The card cannot be added manually

P.S. I tried again via Curve app and still received an error message, but this time I had luck with Wallet and my card was added successfully.

thanks for the update, i’ll try it now on my devices.

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yes! it works again. card is no finally added back to ipad again. curve really came through and fixed it very fast, now all apple has to do is re-list them on their pages.


hey. I’ve seen an error on my Apple Pay saying the card was disabled. I blocked the card on Curve App and unlocked it and I got a message from the wallet saying Your Curve card is ready for use :slight_smile: