Apple Watch and Android Watch support

Please add your Curve app for Apple Watch. it would allow you to quickly choose card linked to Curve card


Yes please. Sometimes it is awkward or impossible to fish your phone out to change card… really would love to use Apple Watch for this

I would appreciate it too

how about being able to use android watch as well as apple watch, that would be great

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This would be very useful for me too! :heart_eyes:

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Great idea!

To be able to change cards via the Apple Watch would be great


I agree this would be a fantastic feature

Samsung pay support would also be much appreciated.

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Just sprung to me that there’s nothing discussed (or that I’ve seen) about adding an app for Apple Watch?! Would be handy to be able to simply have the option to select what underlying card you want from your watch. Doesn’t need to be the full app, of course, but this small part would be handy.

Thanks Paul. Threads a year old, probably why I couldn’t find it. Also noticed no reply from the Curve Team on the idea, so perhaps my new thread will bring to their attention.

You’re welcome.

That’s why this community has a search function. :wink:

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Merged threads to combine the votes (and this bumps the old thread back to current too)


C’mon, there must be more than 25 Curve users who own an Apple Watch and would benefit from this…

There’s 27 :rofl:

Jumped up since I posted… :wink:

Now that Apple Pay is live, when can this be implemented. It would be handy to have the choice of simply selecting the underlying card you need before making the purchase on my Apple Watch… @Curve_Marie ?

It has already been working.


This idea is not about Apple Pay on an Apple watch. It is about a Curve app for the Apple Watch (and Android Watch), enabling you to change the underlying card on your watch (instead of on your phone).


I think app for watches is not really necessary. Smart rules (or automatic card selection rules) would be a much more comfortable solution and you can still make a GBiT if you want.