Apple Watch and Android Watch support

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C’mon, there must be more than 25 Curve users who own an Apple Watch and would benefit from this…

There’s 27 :rofl:

Jumped up since I posted… :wink:

Now that Apple Pay is live, when can this be implemented. It would be handy to have the choice of simply selecting the underlying card you need before making the purchase on my Apple Watch… @Curve_Marie ?

It has already been working.


This idea is not about Apple Pay on an Apple watch. It is about a Curve app for the Apple Watch (and Android Watch), enabling you to change the underlying card on your watch (instead of on your phone).


I think app for watches is not really necessary. Smart rules (or automatic card selection rules) would be a much more comfortable solution and you can still make a GBiT if you want.

Great idea! Would’ve great choose the card in the Apple Watch and then pay with Apple Pay. With out need of the phone

We don’t have immediate plans for it, there’s so many things we would like to do and explore! :point_down::smiley:

Totally agree this would make the whole experience of using curve seamless.


I have installed Curve onto my iPhone, also re-installed it but it doesn’t appear on my Apple Watch. Do you have an idea for solution, please? I would really like to use it with my Apple Watch.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Akosh, welcome to the community!
Try manually adding the card to your wallet.

Think you’ve misunderstood, @Akosh wants an Apple Watch app for curve :slight_smile:

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I read quickly, I got it wrong! I think it’s an excellent idea for the possibility of changing the card through the App for Apple Watch.

There is no Apple Watch app at the moment.

Would be great to have that +1

Yes please curve app for app watch :slight_smile:

It makes no sense to not have one without the other. An Apple Watch or smart watch app seems like a very logical request so it gets my vote. :+1:t2:

Be good to pick this up to be honest. Only the other day I went out without my phone or wallet, got to the till and then remembered I had the card (that had no money on it at the time) was selected still. I wasn’t able to change so had to use my Lloyd’s Bank Card using my watch… just having that option to quickly select the card beforehand would be handy!!!