ApplePay has stopped working

Since I upgraded to black and after -obviously- adding the new card to ApplePay it has not worked once. I get all my transactions declined. When I use the physical card it works. Any reason?

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Unfortunately our team and other members can’t access your account here so we’re not able to give a solid answer. It’s best to get in touch with our support team ( so they can check your account and see what the issue is.

I thought that, and I wasn’t expecting a fix. Was more interested in knowing if I was alone with this issue or if there are others… experiencing the same issues.

Have you added it to Apple Pay before or after activating the physical card ?

If you did it before, then I suggest you to remove it from Apple Pay and to add again

Now, that you say that, I think that I did it as soon as I upgraded and was offered to add it in the app.

In this case please delete it and re-add. I think physical card has different expire date than the virtual card “before activation”. So, once you activate it - old one stops working and you need to re-add it to the Apple Pay wallet.

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