Apply for closed Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme

Thank for your interest in applying for the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme. This is an exclusive sneak peek for the community, so please don’t share this information with anyone just yet. We will update everyone else tomorrow about our plans via social media and a blog post featuring @diego_curve, our product manager. The invitation to apply for the programme will also be sent out via email to a limited number of UK customers.

In order to be an eligible to become an Amex Beta tester, you must:

  • Be a UK (GBP) Amex consumer card holder
  • Have an active Curve card


  • 14th Application Open
  • 19th 10.00am (GMT) Application Closed
  • 19th Random selection of up to 1000 eligible testers
  • 20th Status update email to all applicants

Customers invited to join will receive an email with full information about the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme and the terms for joining. After accepting the terms you will be granted access to the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme.

Please share your questions here and we’ll make sure they are answered by creating FAQs before the programme starts.

As mentioned above, this is an exclusive sneak peek for the community, so please don’t share this information with anyone. We will update everyone else tomorrow via social media and a blog post featuring @diego_curve , our product manager.

Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme Application


19.11: Thank you for your interest and taking the time to apply for the Curve Amex Beta Program. And thank you for all the questions that you’ve brought forward. They will be incorporated in the interview with Diego and be published tomorrow and shared in the community. Everyone who applied will receive a reply within the next two days.

21.11: The team is working on smoothening the on-boarding process for the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme. No one has received an email regarding participation yet. Our apologies for the delay.

22.11: Invitations are going out. The conversation and discussion about the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme continues here.


Is there any charges or fees for using your amex through curve ?

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That is exactly why :slight_smile:

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The full terms of the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme will be emailed to the randomly selected participants. This include any potential costs. You then need to agree to the terms in order to participate. In other words: applying and being selected does not require you to participate.


Either way fingers crossed I get picked.

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Good luck you Amex card holders :grin:

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Ignore my first application, forgot to add my 2nd card, so submitted application again.



Will do :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for the heads-up

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Looking forward to this!

Always hurts so much when faced with a merchant who doesn’t take Amex

  • fingers crossed *
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Fingers crossed I get in!

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@Curve_Marie, any further clarification on the supported Amex types? I’ve got three different ‘flavours’ of Amex: a bank-issued (eg Lloyds Avios Amex), a co-branded (eg BA Amex) and a direct-issued (eg Gold).

I didn’t include all three of my cards as one is still en-route and I’m slightly worried I might have ended up including one or more of the types you won’t be able to support in the beta, which might rule me out of potentially taking part.

I would think that for the first beta it would make sense to only use directly issued ones. But I may be wrong

I would think that they wouldn’t use directly issued cards first as they cost more to charge.

I wonder how involved Amex is in this as it seems we have to pre-load a virtual wallet which, to me, sounds like a cash transaction which Amex wouldn’t be a fan of…

Didn’t @Curve_Marie mention they’d been working hard with amex ?

Reckon they have since Curve lost it, mentioned it a few times on the app the answers always been working on it (or words to that effect) :flushed:

@ahibbitt, we support all consumer Amex cards that have been issued in the UK, in GBP, regardless of being directly issued by Amex or not. For example, we support:

  • The Barclaycard Cashback American Express
  • Lloyds Bank Choice Rewards American Express
    Among many others.

We have a long list of BINs that we are supporting. This entire list will be published on the FAQs, but in the meantime, feel free to add the BINs of your Amex cards (first 6 digits of the card number) in the Typeform link and we’ll check for you.


@diego_curve, thanks for the clarification! I was just worried including a BIN that you guys weren’t supporting might result in someone potentially being deemed as not suitable for participation in the beta, but it sounds like that’s not the case!

Hey @diego_curve,

Can you give any sort of heads up on the “potential costs” involved for users?

I can imagine a fair bit of disappointment (after all the hype), if people get on to the beta, only to find out there is an unexpected cost.

Appreciate this will be on the FAQ’s when they go live, but wondered if you could offer any insight?

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Hi @nick,

Please see the comment further up:

Thanks @Curve_Marie, I did see that - But I still think it’ll potentially cause a big build up of hype and excitement… Only to be met with a huge amount of disappointment given the “potential fee”.

If people knew the fee now, expectations could be managed a little easier - But I appreciate your stance on it :smiley:

Will the T’s and C’s of the beta carry through to the official launch?

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