April Fools’ 2022

Curve Comet Beta :man_astronaut:

I’m excited to announce that we have a new premium Curve subscription and card design currently in the works.

We know fintech is a fast-paced industry and we’re always striving to stay a step ahead. That’s why the Curve team have put out heads together and have come up with a truly next-gen payment solution.

…Now crypto isn’t the only thing going to the moon.

Curve Comet. The official payment solution for outer-space. :crescent_moon:

The next step for humanity is amongst the stars and travelling light has never been more important. Trade out those extra bank cards for the Curve Comet, made with 0.1g of genuine moondust, for users looking for an out of this world experience.

We’re also revamping the names for some of our features in celebration of this giant leap for Curvekind:

:rocket: Go Back In Time and Space
:milky_way: Curve Flux
:business_suit_levitating: Anti-Gravity mode
:new_moon_with_face: Lunar Rewards

With truly expansive space commerce being a reality for the first time soon, tag a friend on Twitter or Instagram who needs to be on the Curve Comet Beta so they don’t miss out! :rocket:

Curve. Connecting our solar system through connected finance. :heart:


To be honest, that is a decent design!


We think it fits right in, @JoshuaBoots!

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Good April fools :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d be surprised how many people we caught out!.. but yeah, you called it. :point_down:

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I personally think it’s actually dope as well

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this is the best card design Curve’s ever created, i’d order it immediately :slight_smile:


Maybe we’ll bear it in mind for future designs- we might need to leave out the moon dust though. :sweat_smile:

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