Archive Card

Hey. Sometimes I get rid of my old cards. This can be because I have decided I don’t want the card anymore. In that case, I wish there was an option to ‘Archive’ a card in Curve rather than to delete it. If I delete it, I would also delete the transaction data and that’s something I’d like to keep. I could keep the card, but then it would show up as an active card although it’s not.

And perhaps be able to reactivate it as required?

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Why would you want to reactivate it? If you cancel or block a card with the bank, I don’t think it can be reactivated.

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Hi @BendikHa,

If you delete a card from your Curve wallet, the transaction history for that card will still be saved in the app. It’s a little hidden but this is how you would find it:

  • Tap the timeline tab
  • Tap the filter icon (the one that looks a Olympic torch without the flame)
  • Tap ‘Cards’

Here you will see a list of your available and deleted cards.

  • Tap on the respective deleted card you want to check the history of
  • Press ‘<–’ to take you back to the filter options menu (if you want to choose a specific date range etc…)
  • Press ‘<–’ again to take you the timeline screen, where you will see the full Curve transaction history of the deleted card.

Wow, I had no idea! Thanks for the tip - would be nice if this was a bit easier to find :slight_smile: