Are bank cashback or additional offer with merchant can availed with curve

Hi, Just wanted to know can we avail all the benefits offered by bank cards with partner merchant while using curve?

It depends on your bank - some banks/fintech companies allow it (like, some don’t (like Raiffeisenbank CZ). :thinking:

What about traditional banks like HSBC, Barclay’s, RBS, Standard Chartered, etc.

Hey @Vishal, welcome to the Community :blush:

As Petr said, this depends on your bank and whether you normally get rewards for all spend on your card or only for specific transactions.

If you get rewards for all spend, then you’ll still receive this. But if your bank only gives rewards at certain retailers or types of retailers, then you wouldn’t receive the rewards because they will recognise Curve as the merchant for every transaction made with your Curve card, not the original retailer.

I’d advise that you ask your bank directly though just to be sure!

Just to add an example, I receive rewards for all spend on my Raiffeisenbank CZ card, but Curve is explicitly excluded from this in T&C. :page_with_curl::face_with_monocle: