Ask for downgrade, account closed 🤔

Anyone else dealt with 3 different people to downgrade your account (Metal to Blue) spoke to the last person and said I’d like to go ahead with my previous request to downgrade my account and the next thing I get two emails to say your account has been closed? There is a serious problem with the customer service we pay for and don’t get including refunds due to still hit my now closed account. Who is responsible for these staff members whom make potentially dangerous decisions with complete disregard for customer consequences.

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I’m anxious now as I’ve just asked for my account to be downgraded.

Won’t receive a response for 5 days apparently. Also due a final response from my complaint early this month by 23rd, I’m honestly not hopeful.

I’m thinking of closing metal don’t see no point. they charge us fees for weekends whats joke lol think I just stick with starling card.


dang! maybe a blessing in disguise?
Curve is great but if there’s a problem, it’s a problem!!

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