ATM EURO Card charged with Currency Conversion fee in Germany

Hi, I am a german user and have a german VISA card activated in Curve, the currency is EURO.

Yesterday I got 200 EURO from an ATM in germany, therefore a local withdrawal. I am a Euro customer and wanted/got Euros. But on my Curve statement it says that I was charged 224,63 EUR, which means 24,63 EUR more that I got out of the machine. I spoke to the ATM bank today and they said that the card I used was issued in GBP and therefore they charged me a conversion fee from GBP to EUR.

As I wrote I do not have a GBP credit card, Curve should be showing up as a EUR card with a EUR creditcard in my account. I really do not want to pay for this pretty horrendous extra charge of nearly 25 EUR, is this how it is always going to be using Curve on an ATM in germany (as a local / not travelling)

Please get back to me and solve this problem.

You’re probably going to need to send this to customer support - - they will have access to your account and be able to see what happened from their end.

Actually thinking about this I’m very confused too. Even if the machine asks what currency you want to be charged in, the bank shouldn’t be charging you if you pick Euro. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally ask the ATM to charge in GBP?

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Not Curve charged your underlying card more than what they should have, the ATM did the conversion for you from EUR to GBP by something called DCC (dynamic currency conversion).
By law every ATM needs to ask for approval first in which currency it should charge the inserted card, in the cards currency or by converting it and adding a fee.
Usually the fee is around 3-5% for DCC, I’ve never seen 12,3% anywhere in the world!

Here are the next steps:
Think again if you really selected withdrawal in EUR and not GBP with the ATM. If you have selected GBP, then there is nothing you can do since you agreed to the ATM fees.
If you did not receive a prompt asking for DCC / currency conversion, then you need to talk to the ATM vendor.

Again, this is not Curve’s fault, they only processed in what they received, its the ATMs fault.

@Berliner… Hello ! each time i go to withdrawal cash from an ATM here in France, the ATM ask me " did you accept the currency conversion?", and i’m able to choose “yes” or “no”. i choose “no” each time, and if i ask 200euros, it gives me 200euros and no extra fees !
Be aware and look at the ATM’s screen, you must find the two choices. Pat.

As I wrote, I am not a uk user. I am German and a Euro user, my Curve account should be in Euro and my Visa I n Curve is Euro. So GBP has nothing to do in this.

I went to a local atm in Berlin and obviously selected 200 euros, since that is our currency.

Something like this has never happened to me. The ATM people say it is Curves fault, since the card showed up as a GBP card.

So probably I will be stuck between two companies saying it is the other companies fault…

Again I am not a uk customer

ATM can not see the currency behind the card. ATM ‘sees’ a card that is issued in the UK (I live in the Netherlands, but I still have a Curvecard that is issued in the UK and so have you), so the ATM ‘thinks’ it is a GBP card.
So not the fault of Curve, they just issue the card in the UK, it is the ATM that makes the wrong assumption.

As stated above:

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Well I hope Curve support will answer my support email. I had called the ATM vendor and obviously the company is a bit, well how should I put it - flaky… Charging 25 Euros for 200 Euros of cash, states my case I believe - whatever the ATM thought or saw, that is just bizarre.

I should have gone to a normal banks ATM, well I guess we live and learn. I had gotten money out of a “normal” ATM before, using Curve and all was fine.
So here is waiting and hoping for some help from Curve

Curve is not at fault here, but Curve (as your card issuer) is responsible for charging the additional cost back to the ATM operator.

You should complain to Curve that you withdrew EUR 200 and did not opt to use dynamic currency conversion, but the ATM charged you GBP xxx.xx, which is more than the EUR 200 that you withdrew.

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@Berliner @NFH Hi guys. Can i explain something ? I’m French, and i encounter the same situation. When you withdraw cash ( with your Curve card), you don’t withdraw cash really ! You BUY the cash from Curve company, Curve gives you the cash you asked, and just after that, Curve RECOVER the cash from your underlying card. ( That’s the same process for every transaction with your Curve card. POS, on-line, parking, etc…). And Curve is a UK company. that’s the reason you have the DCC question between GBP and the currency you ask for. ====> But please, is your underlying card in the good currency (Euros) inside Curve App ? Hope this helps. Pat.

@Berliner 1 thing we totally haven’t thought of. MCC passthrough. What card are you using as underlying card? And do they charge a cash advance fee? Called Bargeldverfügung, look for it in the Preis- und Leistungsverzeichnis

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That’s not accurate. When you withdraw cash, the ATM operator charges Curve, who in turns charges your underlying card issuer, who in turn charges you. The problem here is the ATM operator. They assume that all UK-issued cards are denominated in GBP (which is a negligently-false assumption) and then apply dynamic currency conversion to GBP, often without the required consent of the card holder.


Ok. More accurate , yes :slight_smile: . My description was more for a global knowledge. But you’re right.

I rarely use ATMs, but is this really the case? Because MC/Visa even has a chargeback reason for this, card owner was not offered to pay in local currency.

Yes, it really does happen. I saw reports somewhere that some ATMs were allowing cash withdrawals only with DCC.

The underlying card is a Barclaycard visa in Euro which has free atm usage. Should have used it directly.
The atm company stated it took 9, something percent for exchange.

Shame I got no reaction from Curve.

Charging 25 Euro for nothing really is a rip-off.

No reaction at all from Curve, very disappointed

Yes, it happens. I know of one specific ATM in my area that supposedly gives you a choice to opt-out of the DCC, but once you choose to do it, it shows a completely black screen with the exchange rate in a dark violet font. At first sight it looks as if the ATM got broken, so they count on people clicking on anything to get their card back. If you press the green button, the DCC will go through, and if you press the red button, it will not withdraw any money. It was a Planet Cash network ATM in Poland. Weirdly, all the other Planet Cash ATMs I know about don’t work like that. On the other hand, Euronet in Poland also lets you opt out, but it will charge you an extra fee if you do so (after tons of misleading screens). I think there’s a similar situation with Euronets in Czechia.