ATM fair use policy for Curve Premium?


Can someone confirm the ATM withdrawal fair use policy for Curve Premium (Black) cards please?

I thought it was £200 (same as standard cards) but the terms mention being able to withdraw up to £400 per month on an OVERSEAS ATM without fees (for Premium cards)!

So it is £200 for domestic ATMs and £400 for overseas ATMs? This doesn’t seem right?

What other benefits are there for the black card - there doesn’t seem to be a central comparison chart for blue v black?

To quote the Fair use policy

“ATM domestic frequency fair usage
ATM usage is free for up to 10 domestic (withdrawals in the same currency as your Funding Source) withdrawals per calendar month after which time you may be charged £0.50 (or currency equivalent) per usage for each additional ATM withdrawal.”

Please check the ATM Withdrawal section on the Terms and Conditions page for
and note “Applicable as of 19th November 2018: Beyond the £400 per month, we will charge 2% of the amount of the transaction or £2 (whichever is higher) over the Standard Exchange Rate as currency conversion fees.”

Thanks @curve_tobias but that still isn’t clear, it’s just what I already stated in my post.

All I need to know is what the maximum amount of cash I can withdraw from an ATM per month with my Curve black/premium card, without charges.

It seems it is £400 for overseas but doesn’t specify what it is for the UK?

It’ll be 10 lots of (presumably) £200 so £2000 is the maximum.

Thanks but therein line the problem, we’re just presuming - £2,000 seems a massive increase on the £200 allowed over the Curve free card!

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Don’t know if this is still a source of confusion for customers, but can you clarify it anyway, please?

FYI: UPDATED INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE: ATM Withdrawals - Domestic and Foreign Fees Breakdown

Thanks for the notification.

With the Black card, you can withdraw £200 for free per calendar month, after that you might be subjected to a 2% fee.

If you withdraw £400 overseas, the £200 over the “fair policy amount” is subjected a 2% fee. Beyond the £400 per month, we will charge 2% of the amount of the transaction or £2 (whichever is higher) over the Standard Exchange Rate as currency conversion fees.

£200 --> no fee
£250 --> fee on £50. 50*0,02 = £1

£200 --> no fee
£250 --> “fair policy” fee on £50. Calculated fee is 50 * 0,02 = £1
£400 --> “fair policy” fee on £200. Calculated fee is 200 * 0,02 = £4
£450 --> “fair policy” fee on £250 and currency conversion fee on £50. Calculated fee is (200 * 0,02) + £2 = £6

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How does this square with the advice in-app?
£200 per month or per day?

Thanks @Marie but I think I’m more confused now!

Although your reply is crystal clear, it’s different to other replies I’ve seen. Additionally, if your reply is correct, it means there is no difference between the Free and the Black/Premium cards for ATM withdrawals? Surely there is some benefit for the Black card for ATM withdrawals?

Lastly, I have withdrawn over £200 in the last month and not been charged. Is this because I “may” be charged for exceeding the fair use limit, but it’s not definite? Is it at your discretion or related to what the underlying card provider charges you?

Curve’s fair usage policy mentions 10 withdrawals a month free of charge if no currency conversion is needed… So which is it after all?

The initial limit is £200, after that you can’t spend more. Because you can’t exceed what would be subjected to a fee, there is none. After the initial limit, the fair use policy is still per month.

The Currency Conversion Fees differs. You can find it at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions.

It’s not definitive, that’s why it’s worded as “may charge you”. I can check on the mechanics behind it.

You can withdraw money from an ATM 10 times a month without a fee when the total is £200 or less. If you withdraw more times, for example £10 20 times, or more than £200 in total, you may be charged.

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Ok, but that £200 limit is specifically mentioned as being for credit cards. I cannot find any info on any similar kind of limit for debit cards besides the universal 10 withdrawal limit.

In fact the fair usage policy specifically says no such limits apply to debit cards…

Thanks @Marie.
Given that you’ve been asked to clarify this on a couple of occasions, may I suggest that the wording be reviewed?

Might be worth spelling it out, to prevent it being a distraction going forward.

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So are the Domestic ATM also have fee above 200?

If yes I think the Curve main page is a bit missleading, it says:

Travel : Free ATM withdrawals up to £200 p/month, but

" * Free domestic ATM withdrawals" without any “up to”?!

Yet further below debit/credit card is not specified :thinking: I’ll get to the bottom of this and will post an overview and request that we clarify the text (Cc @Graham, @vebaev )


This is due to the wording of the Fair Use policy “may be charged”. In the Terms you can see that it’s “Free (subject to Curve Fair Use Policy)”.


@Marie This “wording” as you say is quite misleading in the home page, I suggest it should be changed and add “*” as is can be easly reported as missleading marketing!

Hold on until I post the overview, just need someone from my team to double check it and we’ll have a better overview of the info.

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You can find the overview and continue the discussion here: ATM Withdrawals - Domestic and Foreign Fees Breakdown.