ATM fees in Germany

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I connected my Blue Curve Card with my German ING VISA card.

With my ING VISA card I can get cash on all ATMs with VISA sign for free.
By entering the Curve Card into the ATM for getting cash, I have to pay fees up to 6 euros for getting 50 euros.

At the product website of Blue Curve Card it’s written that fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals up to £200 /month are possible.

Curve is located in UK, Germany is might a foreign country.
Why isn’t it possible to get cash with the cards? I wanted to use Curve for leaving all my cards at home. Without getting cash on ATMs als have to put another card in my pocket. Thats stupid! :frowning:

Can any one provide me an answer?

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So there are no fees using your other card in the same ATM? :thinking:

Mastercard allows banks to charge those fees, Visa doesn’t allow that. Had the same Problem with Curve/ING.

When i withdraw cash in France i don’t have any fees. My underlying card is German Bank, in euros, and even for another underlying card in BGN i don’t have fees. no fees with CUrve, no fees with Bulgarianor German bank… maybe you could set the underlying card in…DeutschMarks…? aha. just a joke…please contact the support team for council…Pat.

That fee is charged by the ATM, not by Curve. Some ATMs charge for using foreign cards even if they use the same currency.
After 200£ Curve will also charge you in addition to the ATM.

@CJ0206 Yes. At the same ATM using directly the VISA card behind the Curve Cards, no fees will be charged.

@ToW3R179 How did you fix the problem?

When you withdraw in the same currency as you’ve set your card it, it’s registered as a domestic transaction. The limit is €200 when you use a credit card as an underlying funding card. With the Blue card, you can do 10 free domestic ATM withdrawals per calendar month; thereafter £0.50 /€0.50 per ATM withdrawal.

If you were charged a €6 fee is would’ve been imposed by the ATM machine, not Curve.

There’s an existing thread that might provide more insights in using ATMs in Germany here: ATM in Germany -> declined

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