ATM in Germany -> declined

Hello Guys,

Just to let you know that I love this Curve card , helps me a lot with my different bank accounts in three different countries

However, since two weeks, I can’t withdraw cash in the German ATM - Kreissparkasse and Commerzbank.
I have not reach the limits of my curve card and I have no problem with making normal payment in the retailers…

Anyone has an idea of wat’s happening ?
I ask the Curve support but I have no answer yet from them



Am I the only one in this situation ? ( see picture in attachment )

Sounds like the typical bullying of some old-fashioned German banks. They don’t want customers of other banks emptying their ATMs.

You can read about it here (German):

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thank you mbirth for your advice and support !

It is strange because it did happened during the last two years and suddenly…

Commerzbank seems relax but after living in France and UK, this policy of charging me for normal withdraws drives me crazy…

So far Curve card was considered as a foreign card by ATM…
I dont understand what changed recently

Maybe Curve team has an idea ?

I used mine yesterday in Commerzbank and it worked …

Yes Commerzbank is OK.
Unfortunately not close to my favorite place

This is odd :thinking: I don’t have a good guess at the moment. The Customer Support team will be able to give you more information as they have the expertise and system access to explore what is going on.
Hope it works out shortly!

I have been in contact with them since a week but no response
Probably too busy

It’s not only ATMs, some places decline this card just for buying some food.
Tried both NFC and putting the card in - card was declined.
I still have the report, why it was declined, if anyone knows how to find that out.

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I have tried to use it at Euromaster yesterday… did not work
I don’t know if it is my card or the system…

Still no answer on this topic from the customer service today

same here
I cant use NFC to pay Tram Tickets
I cant pay my parking Ticket by putting the Card in

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Go sure that the ticket machine accepts Mastercard as most don’t accept them in Germany.
The most only take Girocard (Maestro/V-Pay)…

Customer Support will be able to tell why the transaction fails. Sorry to hear you are experiencing this, it is frustrating. Found myself having to get a Maestro card when living in Germany because the merchant claimed my debit card was a credit card, despite “debit” written on it :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for your kind support Marie but what is the solution to fix this issue.
I have escaled this to your support team but I have no answer so far from them

I honestly don’t know yet, it depends on why it is declined. If it is your card, we can issue you a new one. If that’s the case it will be an easy fix that we can do on our side :slight_smile:

Maybe we should start with this ( shipping à new card) and see what s happening then

If your card has declines at various ATMs and merchant, that might do the trick :+1:

So do you think you could contact the persons in charge of this card renewal for me?

Germany, sadly, is a land of cash and “ec-Karten” (Maestro-/VPay-cards). Everything else (especially cards with an embossed number) is considered a “credit card” and only few people know that there are different cards that all look similar.

Add to that, that many shops have ancient card processing contracts that make them pay like 5-10% of all (non-ec-)card transactions and you start to realise why they’re so afraid of them.


No, you’ll have to contact them yourself and verify your account in order for them to renew your card. The Customer Support team have the system access and expertise to help you with any queries regarding your Curve card, app, account, and transactions :slight_smile:

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