ATM limit question

Hi there. First post here and I did go through the FAQs and searched before posting. I tried to withdraw money from an ATM today. I’m Irish, living in Ireland and my cards are in Euro. I thought I could withdraw up to the daily limit of my underlying card, which is €600. However, I tried €600, €400 and then it finally allowed me to withdraw €200. Later on (I had to go home to get the physical underlying card) I was able to withdraw the full €600 from the underlying card. So finally my question. Is there a limit to what you can withdraw from the Curve card?

Standard limit is £200 cash withdrawal per day:

You can also view your Curve Mastercard® limits in the app:

Android: Tap the ‘hamburger’ menu at the top left and choosing “Curve Limits”.

iOS: Tap the ‘card’ menu at the bottom left and choosing “See your Curve Limits”.

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks. Don’t know how I didn’t see that. Wonder how long it takes to work up to the enhanced limits.

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