ATM refused 2 times my withdrawal


So yesterday, I used my Curve card to withdraw money. the bank message says refused, and yet it took money from the underlying debit card, but I received no cash. So i contacted the bank for that and the ATM location

Today I try to withdraw again, on a diff ATM, but rejected.

I tried to pay online as a test for one dollar, with Curve card, and got immediately refused.
So I then used the original card attached to curve, to do the same and that was working as it should be.

Can Curve asap help me please. it seems my curve card is NOT working anymore.

Since this is a user community I am afraid we can’t help you with this. Please contact Curve support by email ( or through the app.

Where you able to get your money back? Did the amount went from your account and they refunded you or?

Hi @CurvedEquity sorry for missing your post! It sounds like there’s an issue with your card. As @poeliev mentioned, if you get in touch with our support team they can check this for you.

@ML86 Welcome to the Community! Any transactions that are reversed / don’t go through correctly will be automatically refunded and the amount should appear back in the bank account within 3-5 days.

Already did that. But zero results.

Hey there, I completely understand your frustration but we don’t have access to your account here on the Community. Please be reassured that our support team can move this along, please check any recent messages from them to see how they can do this for you.

If you have any queries regarding this then please let our support team know in your reply to them and they’ll be happy to help with this!