ATM Transaction Issue


Today I tried withdrawing 100 euros from an ATM, however, after choosing the amount I get the message ‘service currently not avaliable’. So I said let’s see another ATM and was successful in withdrawing the money.

When I went home and connected to my wifi, I get a notification saying that there are 2 transactions that were successful and 100+ 100 euros were deducted from my account. I tried contacting the curve chat via the app but the bot always comes up and refuses to be helpful. So I tried sending an email via the contact us option on the curve website, after a few minutes I get an email from curve telling me about account cancellation.

I don’t know what is going on, any suggestions?

Did I lose my 100 euros?

@EK Did they stated reason for account cancellation?

Here is a screenshot of the email.

half-robot / half-human…

hmm :grimacing:

At this point I just want them to tell me the faith of my 100 euros.

Wait till transaction is settled (no pending), try to contact them somehow, if nothing seems right - chargeback :frowning:

Good afternoon, @EK and welcome to the community :wave:

As @moon says, when you cancel a transaction (in some ATMs), or any technical issue happens, th pre-authorization of that amount is withheld, but that pre-authorization won’t be became into a real transaction. During the next few days (it can take a week or even more, depending on the bank), the pre-authorization will simply disappear/expire.

If not, please, contact with support. But probably (99%) that will be what happens.

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Thank you guys for your input, I really appreciate it. It gave me a little bit of relief, I was stressed all day. This is the first time this has ever happened to me.

I am waiting for two ATM withdrawal that I canceled on September 25th. At the moment, I have done nothing. Unfortunately, it is very common, but usually in two weeks, rarely in three weeks, the transaction will be cancelled. I have had some of these issues with other cards. I have never lost my money so far.

I reply to myself.
One of the two ATM withdrawals was canceled yesterday, so I have the money in my bank account. I am still waiting for the other withdrawal.

The second ATM withdrawals, in a different card from the first one, has been canceled today (September, 4th). I have seen it in my bank account. I had to do nothing.
I would have wanted it to be informed in the Curve app, in transactions, but it has not been so.