ATM withdraw

Hi there,

I recently signed up for Curve to reduce the card clutter in my wallet. My main bank that I use as the main source in Curve charges ATM withdraw fees when withdrawing from ATMs that are not the bank’s.

My questions is, if I use Curve to withdraw at an ATM that is not owned by my bank, what information will my bank receive for the charge - will my bank know that I withdrew money from an ATM that is not theirs and charge me that withdraw fee or Curve passes only partial information?


Hey @matey welcome to the Community, great to have you here! :blush:

When you make a transaction with Curve the merchant category code (MCC) is passed on to your bank. This means that they have visibility on the type of transactions that you’re making with your card.

However, how they act on this may vary from bank to bank so I’d recommend checking with them directly to be sure!