ATM Withdrawal Abroad

Depending on which country you go to abroad ATM’s ask whether you want to withdraw from, chequing, savings or credit. Which are you meant to use for curve, if you have a debit card? Which if you have a credit card?

Never understood those atm questions anyway. Is idea behind it that 1 card can hold 3 different accounts in same time?

Yes - I remember in Oz if could pull from a different account. I think I normally just pick chequing/checking and if that fails savings!

Most of the time if you have a foreign card you should choose Credit. Generally “credit” actually means “MasterCard/Visa”, where as cheque/savings mean the domestic debit card network within whatever country you’re in.

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You’re probably conflating card schemes with a card being connected to different accounts it can draw funds from. From experience of you choose credit you’ll most often have the withdrawal refused

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agreed, i usually choose ‘cheque / checking’ when outside of Europe e.g. USA or Russia and this works, and always fails on the odd chance I pressed ‘credit’ by accident

Nope, these options often come up even when a card is connected to only one account. (It’s possible to have more than one account connected, but that’s not the normal case). In Australia, even a local prepaid MasterCard requires you to press credit (anything else will fail), as it needs to be processed via the “credit” network. Same with Curve.

Apparently in the US it’s a bit different:

Seems that both “credit” and “checking/debit” use the visa/MasterCard networks, but with different rules, including on interchange and consumer protection. According to that article, credit will generally require signature - I don’t think curve supports chip + signature (though I’m not sure of that), so that’s probably why it fails.

Edit: I realised this is for an ATM withdrawal, not a purchase, so the signature thing probably doesn’t apply :man_shrugging: looks like for ATM withdrawals you should indeed choose debit.

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Sure, that’s because the ATM doesn’t know what type of accounts the card is connected to and some countries have a set of standard options that are always asked. With card schemes the ATM wouldnt show options that aren’t there because it has just read the card and knows what schemes it operates on that it can recognize. Take it from someone from a country with a national card scheme

I’m also from a country with a national card scheme (Australia), but from this discussion it’s clear they all behave differently :slight_smile:


Everyone has been making some really good points here. I would also like to add that ATMs can have this prompt of checking/savings/credit because of the information it provides. Like if you want to see your available balance. :slightly_smiling_face: