ATM withdrawal declined by underlying card

Hi, I tried to make an ATM withdrawal using Capital On Tap as the underlying card

It was declined by the underlying card because “the merchant category is not currently supported”

Now, I know I can make free ATM withdrawals with the COT card IF I HAD IT ON ME, but I don’t carry it because I foolishly believed Curve’s marketing promise that I only need one card in my wallet…

Any reason why this isn’t supported, and any way to get around it? Any other cards not supported?

As I understand you must ask these questions to you bank. They declined transaction, not curve.

Well, not exactly… who is changing the merchant category of the withdrawal?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have had this issue since 12th October 2021.

Everytime I speak to support they keep sending me the same automated “you have entered your CVC incorrectly” even though I didn’t even do anything.

Next worst thing is I received a text message with the last 4 digits of my Curve card AND MY FULL PIN.

Finally, they sent a replacement card but they deactivated the “Activate your card” feature.

I am getting nowhere…I cannot believe I have been using and endorsing this for so many years. Oh yeah, and I’m an investor too…

If this issue isn’t resolved by December, I am going to finally drop Curve.