ATM Withdrawal Rejected

Hi to all,
is there a list (maybe divided by country) with all banks that accept withdrawal with our card ?
Is because I got rejected from 2 banks already here in Romania and in one situation I was left without any money because that ATM was the only one in around 50 Km …and really was in a messed up situation because I had to call my wife at home make her drive 90km (2 way drive) just to get me some money and my original cards…now I have to take my original cards with me because I can’t trust this card to make ATM withdrawals…

Hi @Fulberti Sorry to hear you had issues withdrawing money from your account. You can find MasterCard ATMs which use Chip & PIN using this locator: . Also, we are able to have a look at your account for you and check to see if we have more information regarding your declines if you send us an email at :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I know about that locator but unfortunately is useless for people living in Romania because is not updated in ages (like is showing only 2 ATM’s in my city when there are 46 Mastercard ATM’s) and one of the 2 shown on the map is not even in the right location :slight_smile: well I guess I have to take both cards with me just in case… Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Same in my city only 2 show up
there are like 20-25

The site simply not working
Look at berlin
Only 6 in the entire berlin
Only these in centrum are showing
Let’s take london
We got 19 ATM in the entire london

Again only showing the central area

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Hey @hup and @Fulberti The previous link seems to be an outdated one. Please can you try to use this link and see if it provides more ATMs available to you? Let me know how it works :blush:

Yes a lot better

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Ohhh yes that is something else from just 2 ATM to 96 :slight_smile: thank you Helena

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