ATMs (my country and abroad) + My payments abroad

Hi, curve enthusiast from Italy here.
I’ve read curve’s ToS but I need a clarification;

Q(1): My Bank card allows me to withdraw without fees only from its ATMs; if I use curve to withdraw from another bank’s ATM, will I get charged from my bank?

Q(2): If I decided to travel abroad in a place where euros are not accepted and I wanted to pay with curve, would I need to change my debit card currency in curve card settings so that it matches the currency of the country I’m visiting, or should I leave it to euros and let curve handle it?

Q(3): And, combining the two questions, what would happen if I wanted to withdraw from an ATM abroad? Should I change the card currency in curve’s app?
Would I get charged from My Bank?

My guess is that yes the bank would charge me for any withdrawal, but it would be the same fee abroad as the one in Italy provided that I change the card currency to match the country’s. This last step would be necessary also for physical purchases abroad.

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Hello @Alexdm, welcome to community! :smiley:

  1. All transactions you make with the Curve card are done as online transactions so you do not pay for the withdrawal.

  2. I recommend that you have Curve do the conversion, as you don’t pay fees during the week. You only have them on weekends.

  3. same as answer two.

More info: :point_down:

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Regarding the ATM withdrawal topic:
I am also from EU (all cards and bank accounts in EUR) and I would like to know what to expect in my upcoming trip to Mexico.
I understood from above that you can use Curve to withdraw from ATMs. Please help me confirm or understand the points below:

  1. The withdrawal will be handled my curve, showing as an online transaction
  2. Even though my card is in EUR, and I’m withdrawing in another currency, Curve will do the conversion and only charge my card in EUR
  3. There are no extra fees for the withdrawal. Or are there fees if it is done on a weekend?
  4. Is this the “Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals” case that I see in the card plan as €400/Month? (I have Curve Black) If yes, what is the fee after the €400 limit is reached?

Thank you

Any chance for reply on this topic? :slight_smile:

Hi bupemo, I’ll mix my understanding to an answer I got on Reddit;
1 not sure about that anyways your bank will get an indication so that she can recognize the operation
2 Your bank won’t charge you but the ATM owner may charge you a fee for using their machine. If you want Curve to do currency conversion for you, choose the local currency of that country at the payment terminal. If you want to use your bank rate then set your bank card’s currency in Curve to that country’s currency. It is better to leave Curve to handle it.
3 Be aware of weekend FX fees charged by Curve. Money exchange is charged slightly on weekends so that curve doesn’t lose any money at the beginning of the week should things change.
4 There is a limit and after that limit you will pay a percentile fee

My advice is to leave your card currency in Curve unchanged and while at the ATM choose to withdraw in local currency Curve will do the conversion. The machine will detect currency if your curve card and ask you if you want the local currency or Your Curve currency, select local.
Disclaimer: I’m only a customer and might be mistaken, feel free to dig up yourself.
My reddit post: Reddit; Clarification: ATMs and foreign currencies