Australian Cards in Curve - Overseas Transaction Fees!

As well as my UK cards, I have Credit Cards from Citibank and HSBC in Australia since I spend a portion of my year in Australia and want to spend in AUD.

Curve happily accepts my cards and all works great EXCEPT that even when charging in AUD in Australia, both Citibank and HSBC slap me with an overseas transaction charge, probably because Curve is processing the charge through London ?

Has anybody found any Australian Credit cards that don’t do this that I could use as funding cards for Curve as there are quite a lot of situations when I want to tarvel overseas and fund from AUD not GBP

Alternatively, @communitymember123 is there any way you could process charges to Australian cards differently so that the card providers here process them as Australian Transactions.

This issue makes the ability to put my Australian cards onto Curve as pretty much worthless.

That is indeed the issue. I dont see how Curve could avoid this short of processing Australian cards locally from Australia, which PayPal does but I don’t think Curve will be able to do in the short or medium term.

I have the same issue with Portuguese cards as all debit or credit Portuguese cards I’m aware of, except for one, charge an “International fee” even if no currency conversion is envolved when charges come from outside the European Economic Area. Thankfully it isn’t an issue for me with Curve as the UK is part of the EEA.

The only way to find a card that doesn’t charge this kind of fee would be to look at the fee schedules for each card

I had this issue when paying Airbnb in AUD, they billed it from the USA and I was charged a foreign transaction fee despite no currency conversion being involved.

@PaulSydney have you looked at ING? They waive all foreign transaction fees and ATM withdrawal fees on their Orange Everyday account once you make 5 or more transactions a month and transfer A$1k into your account (can then transfer it straight back out!). Linked Savings Maximiser account also pays 2.8% when you meet the aforementioned criteria on your main account.

Indeed can be an issue with US cards and Canadian Scotiabank cards as well.

Some problem with 1 of my U.S. cards. The ‘bad players’ here are the underlying banks, charging fees for int. transactions even if they are in the correct currency, almost all Singapore banks do that,too. There is another thread here somewhere about this.
The only workaround would be for Curve to have a license + branch in each country, which would be an insane workload, think about it, having an official branch in each country and getting a license for it, total mess…
So better to switch away from those underlying banks / write a complain letter to them and asking for a change in their policy.

Same in Singapore. But at least you are not charged the full fees. One bank charges 2.5% plus 1% again as it’s changed from GBP to USD to SGD. With curve, as far as I understand, we are charged (by this bank at least) 0.8%. This is as Curve also handles SGD, however it’s processed in the UK, so a 0.8% is still levied.

Hi Ginger_hair,

Welcome to the forum! May I know which Singaporean bank (card) are you referring to? My friend have had issues with DBS bank, is it the one?

From Citi Bank. I’m waiting on my new curve card, so I’ll test it again on overseas spend soon.

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You may wish to look at getting an HSBC Australia Everyday Global account that doesn’t have the same issues for foreign charges to AUD.

I believe at least one of the Coles credit cards also works fine.

Sorry it took months to get back! It still happens, the transaction charge still appears. I do use it for my other cards who do not charge a fee, but these are from the likes of TransferWise, so the fee is there but it’s much lower. We need Curve in Singapore for it to work.

Is it possible for you to get a Revolut SG account and then top it up using a Singaporean bank card?
After that, you should be able to avoid the fee by using your Revolut SG card as an underlying card with Curve.

That should work… I’ve done that with the Grab MasterCard, so it would certainly be a good idea to do that also. I can’t maximise miles/cashback with Revolut SG though. This is one of the major draws of Curve, one card in your wallet and still able to get credit card rewards with reduced fees.