AUTH transactions

It would be GREAT if a transaction is marked with AUTH when a merchant puts a hold / an AUTH on the Curve card. I understand that Curve needs to charge the underlying card instantly (don’t have a problem with that), but for me as a Curve user I’d like to know within the app, if the hotel /rental car / airline / any other merchant really put just an AUTH or a charge on the card.
The current “pending” label is only shown when Curve still works on the transaction but has nothing to do with AUTH/ Charge.


Why can’t Curve hold the capture until they have recieved the capture from the merchant?

I imagine it would probably be a capital issue if they were doing this on every transaction. They’d essentially have to front the cost of every transaction. With doing an instant capture, they get the funds much quicker.

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But wouldn’t it be possible to put a HOLD using the same amount on the underlying card as well?

The reason for this is because Curve is not a bank. Due to this, funds cannot be held on your Curve account as transactions are debited in real time. We currently have a rule of thumb with potential pre-authorisation amounts over £150 where the underlying card is not charged straight away but there is nothing in the app that indicates this, as you mentioned.
I’ll be passing your feedback back onto Product and Engineering team to hopefully consider for future developments to the app. :blush:

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