Authorisation of subsequent transaction after adding card to the application

Usually after adding (and confirming/authorising the card) in any service/application, all subsequent transaction are simple charges without the need to authorise each transaction separately.

Since a while (after issue with sms confirmation not arriving: I have an issue that even though I added the card to the application, authorised it with the text, all subsequent transactions also require authentication instead of being simple confirmation in-app. This is somewhat annoying and makes the process of purchasing longer/delayed.

In my case it’s related to application Polregio (Polish regional trains application) when buying tickets. Previously it was simply a matter of selecting ticket and confirming in app, now I have to select the ticket, confirm the payment, then I’m taken to the 3D secure page from curve where I have to again confirm that I want to recieve sms text, then I have to type the code (which is still somewhat delayed by 5-30s) and only then the transaction is completed.

It may not be that big of a deal but recently I’m using trains somewhat more and convenience of being able to buy the ticket while walking between the platforms without having to focus sooooo much on the darn sms confirmation each time was great.

bottom-line, what has changed in curve that it requires sms for each darn transaction even after the card was successfully authorised in app?