Automatic card order when switching subscription plan

I’ve recently upgraded from free subscription to black, and once done - the app automatically ordered a new card for me.
I didn’t want to replace my nice red investor card with the standard black card. The support team suggested not to activate the new card, but in my opinion the process should be updated and the app should have asked me if I wanted a new card.
It seems to be a ‘Quick win’ in the times when everybody focuses on reducing unnecessary costs. And as long as I can use the old card with the new plan, I see no reason to swap cards (and update them in Amazon, Gpay etc)

You do know that a way around that is to get customer service to reorder you a red investors card for your Curve black account.

Hey guys, cards are automatically dispatched when you upgrade/ downgrade a tier as our cards match the tier. For example, our metal cards can only be used on the Metal tier, so when you upgrade / downgrade a new card must be sent out to match it. I understand what you’re saying about reducing costs though, and causing less inconvenience for people who want to keep their current card, so I’ll pass the suggestion along to our team!

Also, just like @mcienk said, our team can always reissue a new Investor card to you if you’d like.

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