Automatic Curve Rewards

General question going out there…

Is there a genuine reason why you have to ‘activate’ all of the curve rewards on the app before you make a purchase?

Personally, I find it very irritating that you have to constantly go though and click every single reward to make sure you can actually benefit from it. And I’m guessing there are a lot of users on here that have probably missed out in the process to.

In the grand scheme of things - curve really isn’t the best in the market when it comes to rewards - giving you only 6 retailers that you can choose to get a mere 1% back from.

Would it not be nice if those additional rewards were automatically activated, so you just get them if you spend at that merchant without all the extra work!


Hey there Chris, the rewards tab currently requires you to activate rewards before using them so that you’re aware of which rewards you have available. For some users, this might influence the way that they choose to spend and which shops they visit.

However, I can understand the appeal of being able to ‘Activate all rewards’ by default and have taken this feedback for the product team to review!