Automatic Email Receipts Broken

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
Since the last ‘outage’ I have not received any automated email receipts. They are sent when I manually request them within each transaction, but despite the toggle being ‘on’ nothing happens without manual intervention.

How to reproduce it:
Make a purchase. Wait for email receipt. Nothing happens.

OS: Andriod 10

Device: Moto G8+

App version: latest


I last got one on November 3rd.

25th October for me.

Curve really has shit the bed this past year.

Anybody from Curve listening? This is still broken and I’ve tried raising the issue in app but no reply there either.
This must be affecting more than just a few people?

Can Curve at least acknowledge there is this problem in the status page?
From there it looks like everything is fine on their end but it isn’t. Let alone the problem of the transaction names on some Visa cards, also for that Curve is pretending nothing’s happening.

Anyway I am very randomly receiving a Curve receipt email once in a while at the moment.

Yep, same here. :roll_eyes:

The last email receipt that I received was on 18th October last year, although I have been sent a couple of refund notifications by email since then.

I raised a complaint via the Curve app Help Centre > Chat (on 05/12/22) and (after negotiating with a hopeless chat bot called Otis) got a human response about a day later, asking me to clear the app cache and then uninstall and reinstall the app. I couldn’t see how these actions were likely to make any difference and surprise, surprise: they didn’t. :frowning_face:

Almost a week after I had replied saying that there was no improvement I got a message saying that my issue was being escalated to “our relevant team” (I guess I had been dealing with their irrelevant team up to that point! :laughing:) and it then took them another 10 days to respond to me. :angry:

They asked me to check that the “send email receipts” toggle was set to “on” ( :roll_eyes: ) and to check my spam folder ( :grimacing: ), I informed them that I had and then had to wait another week before they finally admitted that they were aware that there was an issue (NSS), that was affecting “a small number of customers”.

Most recently Curve have told me that they are still investigating this but it’s now been over 3 months since I last received an email receipt and over 4 weeks since I raised my complaint and given that this forum thread was started in November last year, they must’ve been well aware that there was an issue long before I complained! :rage:

This is really poor customer service and email receipts are a key feature & service differentiator; so Curve: please sort your Help Centre team out and bring the email receipts back! :pray:

Unfortunately, until this is really flagged as an issue, nobody is gonna do anything.

None of the people I know who have Curve (around 7 people) are receving the email receipts, so I don’t really thinks it affects a small number of customers, I think it affects everybody. But even if it was the case, it should still be flagged as an issue in the status page.
@Curve_Joel is there any chance you can report this bug and make the tech team at least update the status page? So they know there’s an issue and sooner or later they’re going to fix it.
It’s also unprofessional to pretend that all systems are operational when in reality they’re not since months.

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I use Curve 5-10 times a week. I’ve just noticed that the last time I received an email receipt was November 11, but that was an isolated incident, previous to that the previous receipt was sent on October 16. Prior to that I received all receipts. I also see that my transaction list in the app only goes back about 6 weeks, so I have no history of older transactions, which is a major problem. I’ve cleared the cache and removed and reinstalled the app. All individual cards have email receipts enabled. I don’t have a spam filter.
I’ve sent email and chat messages for support and I am a Metal customer, so I hope something can be done.

The card specific transaction list in the “Wallet” tab is limited.
The “Timeline” in the “My Money” tab however goes back much longer. It also has a search function to make it easier to look for old transactions.

That is an EXCELLENT tip - thank you! - My timeline goes back almost 4 years, so likely from the time I started using Curve.

Thank you again!

Shame the automated email receipts stopped though…


Last automated email receipt received on 17 October 2022.
Done all the usual checks/tests, definitely not a “me” problem.
Specifically, “Send Email Receipt” toggles in card settings were set to on. There’s another post which mentions this as a related but separate issue.

As an investor I’m dishearteneed to read/hear about so many issues with Curve customer service #sadface

It’s unbelievable that such a basic feature is broken for months! No matter what’s the subscription plan, users just can’t get their receipts automated in 2023.

I first reported it in October and tbh it’s really tedious to send the receipts manually every few days to track expenses in YNAB (these are imported from my inbox — not to mention Curve doesn’t integrate with YNAB!). Have been relying on it a lot but now considering to cancel Curve plan and look for something else.

No news on this topic ? It is a really missing feature for me.

No, they are still publicly pretending that everything is working, even though the support tells you that they are aware of the issue and are working on it.

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
The receipt not working properly in email
How to reproduce it:
Email to get receipt and attached image not displayed


App version:


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Why has this been merged @Oliverda ? It is a completely different issue.
This thread is about the automatic email receipts not being sent since October.
The other thread which was opened is about the picture of the actual purchase receipt which you can add in the app for each transaction. If you add that picture and then tap on “send email receipt”, the email (which arrives, because it’s a manual request, “only” the automatic ones after each transaction have been disabled) does not correctly show the picture of the receipt that the user has just taken or loaded from the gallery.

I have the exact same issue on android.

Spoke to support and they don’t believe I’ve added a photo… Tried it with many transactions and tried sending the email multiple times, definitely doesn’t work anymore.

Someone I know received an automatic email receipt Today. I don’t know if it’s just random or if they’re doing something.

I have started getting receipts again, from about an hour ago

They’ve sent an email to those who raised the issue saying that this should be fixed now.