Automatic replacement when Curve card expires?

Good evening, I am new. I made an account and the card will come to me. When the card expires, will the new one come automatically? ;? (blue is free), or should I act to get it? is it mandatory to get a new one when it expires?

If your Curve Card expires soon, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your shipping address. Once confirmed, we’ll automatically reissue your Curve Card for free.

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and if I decide to get the card blue when it expires what charge will I have?

I contacted Curve 10 days before the expiry of my card, when I’d heard nothing. Other banks often send out replacement cards a month before the current one expires. The Curve team responded quickly and said they’d send one out early (!), 7 days before expiry - and I got it a few days later. Felt a bit too close for comfort for me, especially if I’d planned a trip for the week before my card expired, though with Covid that’s very unlikely at present!
Curve, did indeed ask for my address details before they sent the card which is a good move.
Hopefully they’ll be in touch with you a bit earlier before your current card expires.

Hey @colinje, thanks for your feedback and glad to hear that you received your new card!

Our team are currently working on automatic card renewals to make it easier to receive a new card. I can’t confirm a timeframe right now but keep an eye out for announcements in the future!

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