Automatic select currency being charged - I just lost money on a cashback retailer

I ordered an iPhone for a friend on the Apple Store online. I use EUR normally, but this purchase is in DKK.
Apple didn’t have the product in stock, so they will charge and ship in a few weeks after ordering. If they decide to charge on a week day, all is good. If they decide to charge on a weekend day, I pay like 2% FX fee, which is more than the cashback. So I effectively lose money by losing Curve even though I get 1% cashback from Apple. This is exactly what just happened. I actually lost more money using Curve to buy from a retailer for which I have 1% cashback, than if I had just bought directly on the card, that doesn’t have FX fees.

All this wouldn’t be a problem if Curve could just automatically select the currency that is being charged and let the card to the conversion. It’s probably the worst thing about Curve, because there’s no way to avoid it on an order in a foreign currency, where you don’t know when they will charge and ship it! I can’t leave my card on DKK all the time, because then when I use EUR (which I do most of the time) in the weekend days, I then pay 2% on everything.

I like Curve. I’m currently on Metal, but it’s just a bad user experience to pay for a service that is supposed to give you cashback and instead end up costing more. I’m not sure I’ll keep paying for this service in the long term if this keeps happening.

There are already several ideas just like yours here. This is one of the oldest and most voted for:


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