Automatically pay off credit card with each purchase

I use a credit card for security, but I hate that I have a debt balance for around a month before it is paid off.

I would like Curve to recognise that I have made a credit card payment and automatically send money from one of my bank accounts to the credit card.

I haven’t seen any evidence of Curve interacting with bank accounts directly yet, so not sure if this is within their remit.

Regardless this feature would be excellent for me.

Thank you.

A creditcard for security?

If you’re talking section 75- this is invalidated using curve. Curve does cover the difference with their own protection (not law) but this could be pointed straight at the debit card cutting out the creditcard worries

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Interesting, thank you for letting me know about this.

If you use your bank debit card associated to curve isn’t that that will happen? Spend with curve and the debit goes to your account

Thats how I see it too

Don’t forget, if you use and pay off your credit card each month you’re building and maintaining a healthy credit history.