Automatically save money into Curve Cash (using rounding)

Hi - Will there be a facility for Round Up pots in the future, connected to all spending?

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We haven’t planned on it yet, but I like the idea :smiley:


I second that request! I’m loving my Curve already but having all the spare change going to a savings accounts would be a deal breaker.


Great! Why don’t you press the vote button?! :wink:

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A lot of cards pay rewards per £ but round down. So eg if a card pays one point per £ and your transaction is 99p, you wouldn’t get anything, you would only get two points if your transaction is £2.99. With rounding up, Curve could charge the underlying card £3 on a £2.99 transaction and save the extra pence as Curve Cash. This would be something I would totally be up for.


I hope it be similar to, revolut, n26
Where you have a saving vault

Yeah, my credit card does this. I’d appreciate this feature quite a bit.

Not sure if AmEx does this but that may be like a big draw to people if they do manage to get them back on board (which i hope they do)

Round ups always a good idea but in practice how would it work curve isn’t a bank account and the card you use isn’t the bank card it will be hard one to master

Curve cash gives you rewards regardless of £0.10 or £1 you still get £0.01 back at your three or six retailers you use and round ups would work a lot cause saving is a real issue and all the little transactions do mount up I used to do save the change with Lloyd’s TSB and they round up every transaction to nearest pound and transfer it once a day but I think doing it with curve would be good I used to save a fair bit that way

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+1 for this. There are cards that do it, but this would get you that feature on any card. Not sure what would happen if you have a curv round u pon a card with round up on though! :-/ Presumably it would stay the same as the backing card would see the transaction is already “rounded”

I would love this feature even better if it would be possible to decide yourself how Curve should round up. I have an underlying credit card that gives me 1 ‘point’ for every 5 euro spent. So I personally would like Curve to round up ‘each’ transaction to the closest multiple of five.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had the option to automatically save money by rounding each transaction since some banks don’t have this feature yet?
The easiest way that I can see this implemented would be to save it into Curve cash but other options are welcome.

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Can we rename this thread already? So many times people make a new thread because this one is so unclear.

Fair comment - done!

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My friend uses the Revolut card which has a facility to round up to the nearest pound and save the difference. Some more companies are jumping on this (such as Halifax) and I was hoping Curve would adopt it too.

An idea will be as well to have a vault with spare change to the Metal Curve

You mean like a rounding pot? :point_down:t2:

Yes. Rounding pot, but not necessary to the curve cash. We need it separated.

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+1 for this. I would love if say I buy something for EUR 8.72 to be rounded up to 9.00 and save the rest in a bucket for accessing later.

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+1. I think that this could be a really game changer feature that fits perfectly with the purpose of the application. Pay with several cards and save the rounded rest in a bucket!

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