Average Card Usage Methodology

Hi - I’m looking to invest in Curve, and saw the average spend per user was very high.

How was this calculated? It says “£1459 Monthly Average Spend Over Lifetime”

Is this saying that Curve have added up the total spend by every card holder, and divided by the number of months each card holder has had the card?

Is it including everyone who has activated a card? Or is it excluding individual months when the card hasn’t been used? The methodology is really important as it makes such a difference!


That is a very brilliant question.

I’ve been using the metric along with some other data to ‘guess’ the number of active accounts. This might be way off the mark, but here is what I’ve done.

The press webpage and crowd funding page have a few numbers that I’ve used

  • 250k sign-ups by 2018 press webpage
  • 500k sign-ups YTD 2019 crowd funding page
  • £500m spend to date (unknown when) press webpage

Don’t know what recent monthly spend is like, but c£10-15m a month doesn’t seem crazy.
This suggests there are about 6K-10K active accounts.

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Yet 27k people have registered interest in the crowdfund.

That’s a great data point. Totally missed that.

If the £1500 pm figure is representative of this group the implied spend is c£40m per month; or c480m per year. That seems a bit high.

If the investor Q&A isn’t going to be interactive online, can someone attending please get clarification on this question? It has a significant impact on Curve’s attractiveness, and I see Shachar Bialick (Cuve’s CEO) ignored this question when it was posed to him last month.

Just this one?! :wink:

I’m attending, but I have about a billion questions I want to clarify, as Curve have barely answered any questions or given any information other than those around what happens to your metal card. I’ll see how I go.