Average Time for refunds?

Whats the actual time for refunds via Curve?

I’ve been waiting to 15p for a pre authorisation charge which has been applied to all my cards for linking all my cards to my Samsung account (unrelated) and interestingly the one I used for Curve actually took the 15p rather than holding it and after 3 weeks its still not back in my account.

I’m now awaiting a refund for a “proper” transaction of £46 and wondering if I will have to wait as long for this to be sent back to the credit card I used via Curve?

Just had the £46 alert as a refund less than 12 hours, so that’s fast. Strange the pre authorisation small amounts arnt as quick.

Hey Liam! Once we receive your refund, we’ll process the amount back to your original payment card, which should show on your underlying bank statement within 2-5 working days . If we can’t match your refund to the original purchase, we’ll process it to your Curve Cash card straight away. Your pre-auth should be reversed if not captured by the merchant within 14 days, if you can still see this, please reach out to our support team at support@curve.app so they can take a look!


thank you :slight_smile: