Avoid week-end fees + Add '"joker" currency option

There is actually week-end fees while using your Curve (blue or black), it because the market is closed and Curve is taking a security commission.
On week-days there is no commission, realtime market rate applies.

I would suggest the Curve team, to add a specific option for week-ends, why not releasing these week-end fees when you receive the real rate on Monday? When the real rate is receive you could:

  • Refund the underlying card (if you confirm the transaction as actually
  • Release the real amount if you chose for a preauth system

Also, instead of chosing a specific currency on our underlying card, could you add an option, to charge the underlying card directly in the currency charged? For some of us, we have Starling, N26 or Revolut and we don’t want Curve to convert the currency…

It could be an option if you cannot release for everyone as legal regulatories…
What do you think?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Based on my understanding, the currency choice on our card is to serve this purpose. If you have revolut, and want it to be charged in Euro as you spend in Euro, if you set the card to Euro in the app and spend in euro, it will just be passed through without conversion. The same occurs on unsupported currency. Lets say you set the revolut card to MYR and you spend in MYR. They just pass through the MYR expenses to revolut and charge the card in MYR. thats based on my understanding. Have not tried the function yet.

From my experience you can not set a card’s currency to an unsupported currency, hence it is unsupported.

Although I agree it would be nice for Curve to add the option to charge the underlying card in the original transaction’s currency (if currency is supported), you can manually change the card’s currency to do this already.

From a technical point of view, Curve cannot “pass-through” unsupported currencies. As far as I understand, Curve take and process the transaction on their end, and then mimic said charge to your underlying card. In order to mimic something, they have to actually have the ability to charge someone’s card in a given currency. I don’t know what laws and restrictions might surround this, but it makes sense that certain currencies simply are not available to Curve to charge the underlying card with.

Curve might sit in the middle between the vendor and the customer, but they can’t just forward it onto the customer. Imagine it like sending post. The vendor sends post to Curve, but Curve can’t just point the delivery man in the direction of the customer. Curve has to sign for and accept the post themselves, and then they have to send the post to the customer themselves. If they do not have the capability to charge a card in a certain currency, then they cannot pass the charge on either. That is why they can’t just pass-through unsupported currencies.

At least, that is my guess as to how it works.

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Delaying currency exchange in the weekend
Could be with 2% then send the right amount and remove the old, or something
Will give subscriber truly free exchange rate
Free user will not pay weekend fee, but fee when the limit are reach

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