AXA Insurance as a secondary policy

Any insurance experts out there?

One of the reasons I went for a Metal card was the gadget insurance. Now I could be being really dumb here, but presumably the gadget insurance covers you when you’re in the UK and not only when on holiday?

Secondly, the policy states it’s a secondary policy and you have to claim on any other policy you have before using this. So, if you damage a gadget in the UK and have a home insurance policy that covers items away from the home, would you be obliged to claim on that first? Or, does it have to be a specific gadget insurance policy?

TIA Matt

Also not am expert, but when I have claimed from a different but similar policy before, the form asked whether I had any other policy which could possibly cover the claim, and if so, whether I had attempted to claim from them. ie. Didn’t have to be the same type of insurance, just any insurance that could cover that specific claim.

I would assume it’s the same here, but I’m a long way from being anything resembling a lawyer.

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Interesting, thanks. Maybe I’ll call them and ask. Unsurprisingly home insurance has a much greater excess so a much less attractive option


Well called them today and they couldn’t even “see” the policy to advise me about it, So promised to call me back within 30 mins and 7 hours later and still waiting…